How to get an ATM machine in Canada

If you are investigating how to own an ATM machine or how to buy an ATM machine for your business, this page will get you started.

Step 1

Determine why you want an ATM

Do you want an ATM as a convenience to your customer? Do your customers ask for an ATM? Do you want to reduce Credit Card Fees? Are customers getting cash back on their purchases? Are there goods and/or services in your business that require cash? Do you want to make money from the ATM surcharge? Do you want to draw additional customers with your ATM? Do you want to increase the money spent in your business? In convenience stores, at least 25% of the cash withdrawn from the ATM is used in the store. For bars and casinos, that number can approach 80%. Once you determine why you want an ATM in your business, this information will help guide you through the process of obtaining an ATM that meets your needs.

Step 2

Determine if your business is a good location for an ATM

The ATM must have enough transactions to justify the initial and operating cost of ATM ownership. There must be a large amount of traffic and a need for cash usage. Businesses with high volume ATMs include very busy convenience stores, large hotels (300 plus rooms), stadiums, and busy casinos. Locations with medium volume ATMs include medium sized convenience stores, hotels (200 plus rooms), casinos, and large bars. Establishments with small volume ATMs include smaller convenience stores, hotels, casinos, bars, bowling alleys, salons. For convenience stores, 3 to 5% of customers will use the ATM. Depending on the type of establishment, this number will be higher or lower.
The business must also have a secure place to locate the ATM. There must be electrical power available to the ATM. Some Location may require to comply with Disabilities Act (ADA) ATM requirements, there should be a 4‘X4‘space in front of the ATM and the ATM should be wheelchair accessible. Typically, an ATM is bolted to the floor using 4 concrete anchors.

Step 3

Review your ATM procurement options

In all options, the portion of the surcharge paid to the merchant is dependent on two things: 1) the expected transaction volume and, 2) the amount of upfront costs and ongoing maintenance that the merchant is willing to commit.

  • Full Placement – If you have a location that is likely to have high or medium volume, can provide you an ATM, load the cash, and maintain the ATM Full service is least cost and effort by the merchant.
  • Free of use ATM placement – If you have a high or medium volume location for an ATM and you would like to make more money than the Full-Service ATM Solution, you may want to load the cash yourself. In ATM Placement, ATM Canada would provide ATM and maintain the ATM. Because there is no upfront cost to purchase the machine, this is an easy way to obtain an ATM for your place of business.
  • ATM Maintenance – If you have a high or medium volume location for an ATM and want to buy your own ATM but don’t want to perform ATM Maintenance, ATM Canada can provide this service to you. (Free of use ATM requires minimum required volume of transaction for Free ATM Placement)
  • ATM Processing Only – If you want to make all the surcharge revenue or you do not qualify for the other options, then the choice would be to buy the ATM and have ATM Canada provide ATM Processing Only. In this case, you purchase an ATM; perform maintenance and the cash loading. If you own the ATM, supply the cash, and do all the maintenance; then the business will get a 100% of the surcharge. The cost of a new retail ATM starts at $3500 and goes up from there depending on the model and options. A used, EMV-compliant ATM will start at $1100 for the oldest models and will go up from there depending on the age, type of machine, and options. A newer ATM will increase the number of ATM transactions that a business benefits.
Step 4

Sign up with ATM Canada can provide you with your ATM Solution. We are a Canadian ATM vendor based in Ontario that takes pride in providing great customer service. banking and processor regulations require an ATM processing agreement, ATM Owner/Operator

  1. AML Source of Funds Declaration forms
  2. Articles of Incorporation a copy of the business/retail license
  3. Source of Funds decoration, (if the business owns the ATM or is supplying the cash), void check or Bank direct deposit form
  4. Copy of Driver license front and back

ATM Canada wants to be your ATM provider.

Step 5

Program and install your ATM

A technician will coordinate with the business owner on programming and installation of the ATM. A technician will program the ATM for your business. The ATM installation process can either be done by the business owner or the technician. An ATM requires power and a means to connect to the internet (either through a connection, typically CAT5, to the local router or through a wireless box). Usually, the ATM is also secured to the ground using 4 concrete anchor bolts.

Step 6

Train and Load the ATM with Cash

Depending on your ATM procurement choice, the technician will train the business owner on how to load cash into your ATM and how to balance your funds. After the necessary training has occurred, the ATM will be loaded with cash. The ATM is then ready to process transactions.


The steps involved are:

  • Step 1 – Determine why you want an ATM

  • Step 2 Determine if your business is a good location for an ATM.

  • Step 3 – Review your ATM procurement options

  • Step 4 – Signup with ATM Canada

  • Step 5 – Program and install your ATM

  • Step 6 – Train and load the ATM with cash


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